Friday, January 17, 2020

Journal Prompt 17 Jan 2020 ~ Random Act of Kindness

Today's Writing Prompt: Random Act of Kindness

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Have you ever been on the receiving end of kindness from a stranger?

I've been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness many times in my life.  One that really touched me was 10 or 12 years ago.  I can't remember the exact date.  I used to run a bunch of craft related Yahoo! groups and the women I met on these groups were my company every day.  A couple of times we had made afghans to send to a group member who was expecting a baby or going through tough health issues.  It was during this time that I was having trouble with allergies.  You know the whole sinus pain, itching, runny nose misery.  And this went on for months and months.  I was so sick.  And one of the fun side effects was an eye infection that totally went out of control to the point I had to keep wet wash cloths handy because if I closed my eyes they would seal shut.  My eyes hurt like they were full of glass.  I'm sure I whined online once in a while about how lousy I was feeling and how much I appreciated my online friends since I wasn't able to get out anymore.  They were able to keep their plans top secret until the day my beautiful comfortghan arrived in the mail.  I still have that blanket and use it whenever I don't feel well and I'm curled up in my chair.  

At the end of November my husband had a heart attack.  Don't worry, he is recovering well.  But at the time I was so overwhelmed.  We had FINALLY moved my 103-year-old grandmother into a nursing home, I had a horrible upper respiratory thing going on, my house and life were a disaster after nursing my grandmother until the move.  Friends showed up at the hospital to keep us company, brought food and kind words, and made the time pass a little faster.  I spent most of my days at the hospital until he was released . . . at which point I panicked.  No food in the house.  The house an absolute disaster.   How was I going to get things in shape so I could bring him home?  In secret, a very special friend made arrangements with our kids to get into the apartment and take care of everything.  She stocked groceries, put some homemade meals in the fridge and freezer, cleaned the apartment, did the laundry . . . AND got the Christmas decorations out.  I have never been so grateful for anything in my life.

These are just a couple of the many times when someone's thoughtfulness made my life a little better.  I am a very lucky woman.  

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