Monday, December 28, 2015

Question #29

Did you smile or frown more today?

Today I think I frowned more than smiled.

I did smile . . .

 . . . but mostly I waffled about whether or not to cancel sketch club tonight because of the winter storm forecast.  Finally, I just decided to stop worrying about it and just pushed it to next Monday.

Then all I had to worry about was the winter storm.  Dear hubby was heading back on the road this afternoon . . . right into the storm.  I secretly wished he would call into work with some serious but quick-healing disease.  Nope.  So I packed him lots of extra food and made sure he had all his medicines and winter gear.  Off he went into the storm . . . sigh.

But there were a few smiles.  Enjoying leftover pie and coffee while watching a favourite show together was nice.

How about you?