Saturday, October 3, 2015

Winter Wonderland


Today's Writing Prompt: Winter Wonderland

It is wayyyy below zero here this morning. What does your Winter Wonderland look like? (Or summer wonderland, I suppose, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere?)

It's actually a little cold and overcast and drippy today (October 3, 2015).  Just enough to remind me of two things.  

It's scrapbooking season.  I know this because just about everyone I know is at some kind of scrapbooking event this weekend or packing to go to one soon.  

It is really fall.  I'm okay with fall.  I do love sweater weather.  I do not like winter.  The worst things about winter are freezing rain and ice.  I can live with just about anything else but those two little items strike fear and loathing in my heart.

My winter wonderland involves warm and cosy, in my pyjamas, scrapping with friends . . .