Tuesday, May 5, 2015



Today's Writing Prompt: Cut-throat

Have you ever played a simple board game and it turned everyone into cut-throat die-hards?

This week's writing prompts courtesy of The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood

A few weeks ago we were at my older son's home for a family evening.  My younger son and my three grandsons decided to play Risk, a favourite game which I haven't played in years and years.  The boys were scheming and making deals with each other.  I said, "This isn't a game . . . THIS IS WAR!!!!!"  LOL!  I didn't win.

Top Movies of All Time according to IMDB ~ #17 Goodfellas (1990)

Apparently I love gangster movies.  Of course this another one that was shot back in the day when we didn't have to see all the gory...