Sunday, May 26, 2019

On Day 9 of Our Road Trip I Saw a Moose and I Didn't Fall Off a Mountain

It has been another amazing sunny day and we've had so many adventures.

We stayed at a very interesting motel in Louisbourg NS.  The room was good but the restaurant advertised on Expedia was not open so we ended up buying subs from the general store and the continental breakfast was also non-existent.  Funniest moment of all was when we tried to check out and there was no one around.  We left our key in the room and locked the door as did another guest.

Speaking of other guests, they turned out to be content creators on Youtube with a strong interest in railway memorabilia.  I haven't had a chance to check out their channel yet, but I will.

After backtracking to Sydney for breakfast as Missy's Restaurant (world's fluffiest pancakes), we arrived at Fort Louisbourg.  Only 1/5 of the fortress has been reconstructed but it is truly a fascinating place.  

The rooster who never shuts up.

Our new youtube friends.

We stopped in Sydney Mines for coffee and a treat before staging this photo op which brings back childhood memories of our dear friend, Florence.

I think this was at the Canso Canal.

No one warned me that driving the Cabot Trail involved driving up steep inclines and slopes around very high mountains where the road was sometimes on the very edge of a cliff.  I discovered I do not like mountains.  I still love water . . . not so much mountains.  Hal was proud of me for not melting down.  I'm pretty sure I melted down at least a little.

We grabbed lunch at the Wreck Cove General Store.  I'd read about their delicious lobster sandwiches so of course I had to have one.

I swear to you, I did see a moose.  The photos didn't turn out because of the stupid receipt we had to keep taped to our dashboard to prove we'd paid to be in the Highlands.  The reflection of the receipt blocked the moose in the photos I took.  Stupid receipt.

Despite the snow in the mountains the temperature remained in the teens.  

We arrived at the MidTrail Motel in Pleasant Bay this evening and enjoyed a good supper before checking into our room.  Let me just say they will not be getting a good rating on Expedia from us.  OMG!  Broken furniture that looks like it was rejected by the local thrift store.  The restaurant is not open for breakfast despite what it says in their online listing and my confirmation.  Not happy . . . but it is clean and warm and has a lovely view of the mountains so we are staying.

We finish the Cabot Trail tomorrow . . . hopefully with no more mountains to climb . . . and then head over to Prince Edward Island.

Who knows what adventures we might have there.

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