Monday, May 27, 2019

More Mountains and a Ferry Ride on Day 10 of Our Road Trip

Today was mostly about driving . . . IN MOUNTAINS still!  Stunning to look at but also a little scary with deep gorges, falling rock signs, and snow.  I don't think I am a fan of mountains . . . foothills maybe . . . but not mountains.  But I'm glad we made the drive on the Cabot Trail.  We did it!!  It was spectacular.  I can't think of any reason why I would want to do it again.

Any Dr. Who fans out there?  Spotted TARDIS near Lake Ainslie.

We took the ferry to Prince Edward Island.  Not too many photos because it was drizzly and foggy but a nice ride and the lemon meringue pie was delicious.

It didn't take long to find our motel in Charlottetown and settle in.  We'll be driving around Prince Edward Island tomorrow and then beginning the long drive home.

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