Monday, May 20, 2019

Day 2 of Our Trip to the East Coast

Three lessons learned today.  

#1  Don't try and cross southern Quebec and Maine on the same day.  They are both fascinating drives and we stopped way too many times.  This lead to us having to call our hotel and set up a late check in.  More on that later.

#2  Time zones are confusing.  We couldn't figure out why the GPS informed us we would arrive at the hotel at 9:24 pm when we knew that was an hour later than we had planned.  Forgot to plan in the time zone . . . duh!

Even when I pick a hotel or motel that turns out to be even less than expected, I usually find something amusing or even downright funny to say about our adventures in that particular under par establishment.  I can't think of anything amusing to say about the Canada International Hotel in Cornwall ON.  It is just simply unloved and uncared for.

After a quick run into Tim Hortons in Cornwall we were headed east to the Quebec border.  It was a drizzly day but did not curb our enthusiasm . . . perfect day for a driving day.  The views in Quebec were just spectacular so I'm sharing a few of them with you.  

We finally made it to Maine.  The customs office was a converted house.  We had a lovely chat with the officer and cleared right through.

#3  Go to the bathroom before you leave Quebec.  Every business and gas station and rest stop in Maine had porta potties.  I will say no more about them except that the ones at the Vario gas station on The Arnold Trail ME were not fit for human or animal.

We stopped at a Scenic Lookout to take a few photos.  As soon as we got out of our car, two young ladies, who'd been sitting in their car talking, got out for a walk and a stretch.  They took this photo of Hal and I.  When we got back in our car the girls quickly returned to their car and left.  As we departed we spotted the source of their nervousness . . . a van with two rather sketchy men in it.

We had a very late lunch at Longfellow's in Kingfield ME.  The burgers were half the price I'd paid the night before at Shoeless Joe's and twice as delicious . . . very moist on a soft bakery bun.

Our next stop was New Portland ME where we checked out this very interesting bridge.  It is on Wire Bridge Road.  The weight limit is 2000 lb so we knew we could take Snow over it . . . but . . . after I watched another car drive over it causing it to rock and wave and sway . . . I had no interest in trying it myself.

As I mentioned at the beginning, trying to cross Quebec and Maine in one day was an error in judgement.  There was so much to see and do and we had to skip so many of them to make the full journey and arrive at our hotel in time.  We tried many times to call Dominion Hill Country Inn and arrange a late check in but getting a cell phone signal in Maine seems to be exceptionally difficult.

We finally got through and our reservation was saved after I don't know how many attempts.  We arrived at the inn exactly when we stated and were met by a very friendly host who showed us to our cabin, found us a tea kettle and supplies and was generally a very gracious man.  And then we saw our room.  Spotlessly clean, fresh smelling and so nicely decorated.  The amenities here are extensive including hot tub, yoga studio, conference space and so much more.  I wish I'd known how awesome this place was and I might have booked a couple of nights.  

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