Thursday, January 24, 2013

Product Review: Braxton's Tap & Grill, St. Thomas ON

You know me.  I calls 'em as I sees 'em.  We stopped going to Braxton's a while back which was really kind of sad because for years they were our go to restaurant.  But the food and service had gone down to unacceptable and the prices seemed to keep going up.


That appears to have changed!

Two weeks ago Hal and I were heading home after a very busy day and trying to think of something for supper.  As we were going over the Fairview Ave bridge Hal says "why don't we give them another try?"  Why not?  If I went home I was going to have to cook something and it would probably be a bowl of cereal or scrambled eggs or something equally exciting.  We were that TIRED.

Our server was training a new server and I think that was throwing her off a bit but there was only one mistake . . . which we didn't bother to correct.  They brought us ice water but forgot Hal's coffee.  The Sunday night special . . . roast beef dinner . . . was around $12.00.  The servings were quite substantial and hot and the green beans were the best vegetable I have ever eaten in a restaurant.  Hal had a caesar salad to start which he was very pleased with.  I had the chickpea and tomato soup which absolutely infuriated me . . . LOL . . . it is better than mine . . . how dare they!!
We decided to order dessert and coffee.  Mine was a disappointment but it also didn't make it on to our bill.  Hal was very happy with his dessert.  I shouldn't have been eating dessert anyway . . .

Last night we went out with friends to Braxton's.  Wednesday night is ribs & fries for $9.99 night.  We all ordered the 1/2 rack of ribs.  Once again the serving was substantial, hot and fresh.  Hal and I each brought some ribs home to snack on later.  The service was very good.

I don't know what has changed there in the past year but I'm glad and I definitely will be going again.

I wonder what night is Steak night?

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  1. A friend and I go frequently for their salads at lunch. We have NEVER been disappointed. Fortunately/unfortunately we have discovered they serve the best Apple Crisp in Elgin County if not SWO; so we HAVE to order it every time.

    PS: I believe their steak night is Tuesday.