Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas 2013 . . .

I was scrambling until the last minute making Christmas gifts again this past year.  In fact, I was short one hat and I need to remake a scarf that turned out too long.

Never again I say.

I recently joined a Yahoo! group called Holiday Mystery Gifts which posts some really amazing gift ideas to the group each month.  The patterns are only up for the one month because they are often freebies offered by published designers for a limited amount of time.

When the January patterns were posted I printed off nearly all of them.  So many interesting and adorable ideas.  I just finished the first pattern today.  It is called a doors and windows dishcloth.  I really like the way it turned out and I may make some more.  It is now in my closet with a few other gifts I've collected already for Christmas 2013.

On to the next . . .


  1. You rock girl! We're so glad you liked some of the January patterns on the group. That makes all of us designers do happy dances. See you on the group! Terry

  2. Very pretty! Afghan square or dishcloth?

    1. It is a dishcloth, Sharon. But it would make a pretty afghan square, wouldn't it?