Monday, March 15, 2021

Book Review: Soap Opera x 10

I read The Ex-debutante a while back and I can still remember the story so vividly.  Do you love soap operas?  Well this book is soap opera x 10!!

Carlisle comes from old Texas money.  Raised as a southern belle, she becomes a Texas debutante.  Carlisle becomes a divorce lawyer, flees the rigid rules of old rich Texas society for Boston and becomes engaged to a . . . Yankee!

When her mother needs a lawyer to divorce her latest husband while keeping a deep secret deep, Carlisle comes home.  It doesn't take long to be drawn back into the society and rules she had fled.

At the end of the day Carlisle learns a lot about herself and learns the family secrets that her family had tried to keep.

This book is funny, over the top funny.  Linda Francis Lee knows this world well and writes about it in an exaggerated way to enhance the crazy rules required to be part of the Texas debutante world.  I recommend it highly for a good light summer read.

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