Monday, March 22, 2021

Another great novel by Linda Francis Lee ~ The Devil in the Junior League

The Devil in the Junior League is another wacky look at the snooty, obnoxious world of Texas society women.  Frede Hildebrand is the perfect Junior League woman living her live according to the written and unwritten rules of Texas society.  And then her husband has an affair, steals her money and flees the country.  Frede tries to hide her disasters and maintain her place in society.  She goes to Howard Grout, her loud, no class neighbour who also happens to be the most aggressive lawyer in the county.  Howard agrees to help Frede track down her no-good-husband, retrieve her fortune and save her place in society . . . under one condition . . . Frede must groom his other-side-of-the-tracks wife, Nikki, and get her into the Junior League.

This novel is wacky funny.  And lessons are learned.  And there is a happy ending.  I recommend this novel as a great summer read.

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