Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 7 ~ Halifax, Nova Scotia

Day 7 in Halifax was a catch-up sort of day spent doing laundry and a bit of shopping.  Laundry was so much fun. 

We found ourselves at a little laundromat that was also an Ethiopian restaurant, The Aster Cafe.  When the owner found out that Hal didn't like spicy food it became her mission to find something he liked.  Hal actually did try every sample she gave us.

Back at the Stardust Motel we hung up or put away all our clean clothes and made lunch out of the fridge.  Hal wanted to watch a TV show so I crawled onto the bed with him and apparently fell asleep until late afternoon.  I must have needed it but I was sad because it also felt like we wasted the day.

We were saved by my nephew, Marc, and his wife, Andrea.  They fed us our first home cooked meal in a week and it was BBQ!!!!  Everything was sooooooooo good.And then we went on a driving tour of the waterfront.  Apparently we could have gone on the naval base except I didn't bring my purse so I had no ID.  But it was a marvellous drive.  We saw the shipyards and lighthouses and a beautiful sunset in Africville.  We enjoyed a cold beer at Alexander Keith's.  

The weather turned from dreary to sunny while we were on our tour.

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