Saturday, July 13, 2019

50 Places in Eastern Canada to See Before You Die ~ Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

There are many interesting historical sites around Annapolis Royal and we did visit a few.

Port-Royal is a fort that is being rebuilt in Annapolis Royal. Watching the reconstruction was almost as interesting as the portions already finished. The original buildings were constructed in 1605. Today, the Port-Royal National Historic Site of Canada features a reconstruction of the settlement’s early 17th- century buildings, including the distinctive, closed-in quadrangle known as the Habitation. Visitors can step back into the earliest days of French exploration to gain an impression of the place where these early settlers lived.

We also stopped at Fort Anne. Inside the Officers’ Quarters museum they have new exhibits and you can discover the relationships between the Mi’kmaq, French, British, Acadians, and African Nova Scotians who have called this place home. I loved the Fort Anne Tapestry (2.4 m x 5.5 m / 8 ft x 18 ft) depicting 400 years of history in the area. I actually bought the jig saw puzzles depicting the tapestries.

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