Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Vacation

MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Summer Vacation

Today, write about how your summer is going. Assuming it's summer where you are. If it's winter, then just pretend.

My favourite thing about summer is the Hewson Family Reunion.  These photos are from the 2014 reunion.  

I have sooooooo many relatives and I don't really know a lot of them.  Somewhere in the past a generation must have said we don't like each other or we don't want to know each other.  But that decision by our ancestor(s) was selfish.

It is selfish because all the generations after weren't connected.  Just selfish.  I'm doing my little part to change that, I hope.  It isn't fair that I have all this family and I don't know them or hardly know them.  

Through our reunions I am getting to know more of my cousins every year.  I have learned that some are crazy, some are talented, some are funny, some are old, some are new babies, but I have loved to meet each one of them . . . and I want to learn more. I think it is great that many of us have become Facebook friends so that we can stay connected and get to know each other just a little better.

This year's reunion is July 19th and I just can't wait.

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