Thursday, January 13, 2011

Insert Interesting Title Here

Nothing really exciting has happened today.  Not that I am complaining.  Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet day.

I spent the morning scrapbooking . . .

Had coffee with some of my Red Hatted friends this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to getting the recipe for the fruit cake Patty served.  Yes, I do love fruitcake.  And Patty's was delicious.

Came home, tidied and laundry . . . {yawn} . . .

And then I made Minestrone di ceci e pasta which just means Chickpea and pasta soup.  Delicious!  I actually ate two bowls of this lovely soup which tastes like a light version of bean and bacon soup.  The rest has been frozen for Hal when he comes home.

I've been relaxing and doing a little TV watching and playing on the computer this evening.  So, yeah, it has been a quiet day.  Did you watch Off the Map on TV tonight?  I think I am going to like it. 

Tomorrow should be fun . . . I'll tell you all about it . . . tomorrow.

Good night,