Friday, January 7, 2011

The most difficult part of being a truck driver's wife . . .

. . . is keeping him occupied while he's waiting for his next truck.  They know what day they want to go back out but that doesn't mean that there is a truck and a load ready.  And that's what happened to Hal this week.  Hal & his partner put themselves back on duty Tuesday morning and then the waiting began.  And if you want to meet a very cranky restless man, just run into Hal while he's waiting for a call.  I don't know the whole story but it had something to do with a shortage of trucks that was being sorted out or some such thing.

Anyway, in the mean time it is my solemn wifely duty to keep Hal occupied so he didn't drive himself or me nuts.  So Wednesday we went letterboxing again.  What a great way to pass the time.  And it was cold and crisp and sunny out.  Perfect weather.  We decided to check out some new boxes planted in the London area and we had some very good luck.

We found the Use the Force Letter Boxer Series which was thoroughly enjoyable except that for the one box we kept following the fence and ended up doing some bushwacking before we realized we should have followed the edge of the bush.  Well we were out there to kill some time and get some exercise so who's complaining.  Besides, we found an awesome first finders prize (a patch for our back pack) in the third box of the series.  We also found a delightful hitchhiker.  How's that for an awesome start?

Next stop was an attempt to find To Be or Not to Be, but no luck there.

Our next stop was to locate SpongeBob Scarface.  We found him, but Hal broke his walking stick trying to pry the box out of the ice.  Very cute stamp and a great LTC for a first finders prize.

Our final stop of the day was to find Shrieking Shack.  We also found another hitchhiker and a cootie and another LTC for being the first finder. 

It was a great day out.

There were no trucks available this morning so I assigned Hal some household chores.  You could tell he was very relieved when the call came and he was out the door by 4ish.  He called tonight to let me know he'd arrived safely at the terminal and that they were flying to Thunder Bay to pick up a truck.  Hal hasn't flown since our 10th anniversary and I'm sure he is having a great adventure.

You may not hear from me much over the next few days.  I really need a little quiet time after all the excitement of the holidays.  And there is a lot of organizing and cleaning to be done around here to get back to pre-Christmas standards.

See ya