Friday, January 14, 2011

A Me Day

This title was suggested by a friend, Deb P., as the title I should have inserted as yesterday's blog title.  Since today was also a me day, I decided to use it today.

I drive my mother crazy.  Mom is an early riser and I like to sleep in.  This morning we were going to Michaels and then Memories on Main Street and when I asked what time she replied, "When you get up".  That was her first mistake . . .

We changed our plans and decided to just hang out at the LSS (local scrapbooking store for all you non-scrapbookers).  We'll go to Michael's on Saturday when the new sales and new coupons start.

Friend, Deb S., just started working part time at Memories on Main Street in Lambeth and since we weren't able to harass her on her first day of work, we decided to really be annoying on her second day.  Although I don't think we really did annoy her.  And it was nice to run into a couple of friends there.  Charlotte even showed up to crop later in the afternoon.  The crop space is quite lovely and I was able to accomplish 6 layouts and nearly finished 2 more.  It could become a bad habit to pop in there.

I didn't photograph my layouts yet, so I will share them with you another day.  But I did keep my New Year's resolution about photos . . . so here is Debbie S. . . .

I love her sweater . . . may have to steal it.

Well, I'm scratching my head coming up with ideas of interesting things to do with the grandsons tomorrow (PA Day).  Here are my ideas so far:  Military Museum, Art Gallery, Library, new Used Book Store, a walking tour of downtown . . . maybe we'll just hop on a bus and tour the city . . . the sky is the limit (as long as it is on a major bus route . . . LOL).

According to the Dreaded To Do List today is December 11.

Good night everyone.  Enjoy your Friday.