Saturday, January 15, 2011

It was all about books today . . .

I rode the bus (with a transfer) to spend the afternoon with my grandsons.   Kate was home sick so we stole her van and took off.   After lunch we went to the book store at the mall.  You may remember me telling you about this store in an earlier post.  This is one of of the stores where I received great customer service.  I gave Taylor his gift certificate to purchase a book as a belated Christmas present.  I love that the boys all love books.  I think we could have spent all day just looking through all the books that caught our interest.   Taylor asked that one day we could go to one of the big book stores.  I think that might be a little overload for them . . . LOL.

While we were at the mall the boys volunteered to help me shop for groceries.  I haven't been eating as well as I should and I think that is why my weight loss has stalled.  So back to healthy, home-cooked meals as of tomorrow.  We had adventures in the produce section looking for all the different veggies and fruits I needed.  It became a challenge to see who could be the first to find the zuccini, etc.  So much fun.  Stay tuned for the good and the bad of the recipes I will be trying.

After we dropped my groceries at home we headed to the library.  I had to drag them out of the library at supper time.  Cameron in particular amused me by selecting 3 different versions of the Three Bears (but not in French . . . LOL).  Austin picked a very eclectic mix of books including the history of the world in French.  Taylor also had an interesting mix of sports and sea monsters and other subjects.

I was tired when I came home but also really happy.

Cameron snores

Good night all,