Sunday, January 2, 2011

It is Pyjama Day in the Hedden household . . .

. . . although it is a rather modified Pyjama day because I did get dressed long enough to go get ALL my hair chopped off into a nice little tousled "do".  I was sure I was going to be upset . . . but I like it.  The hairdresser fed me chocolate which I am sure helped calm my nerves immensely.

Before - December 30, 2010
After - January 2, 2011
I also went to watch my granddsons curling which was so cute.

I have some goals for the New Year.  Nothing is extravagant or perhaps even exciting but it is all part of coming out of the "holding pattern" I've been in for the past two years and starting to settle into this new stage of my life.

1.  Decorate our apartment.  I'm beginning to feel secure enough to start decorating our apartment and making it into our home. We have moved so many times in our life that this is a huge step for me. For the last 2 years we have just "lived" here. I think we are pretty sure that this is where we want to settle down so expect some big changes (slowly but surely).

2.  Finish off some manuscripts and getting them "out there".  It is scary but I must do it.  I'm sure I will get rejections but hopefully someone will see the merit of what I have to say.

3.  Lose more weight.  Thirty pounds gone since September and hopefully lots more to disappear in 2011.  I already feel better and Hal and my Mom make such a nice fuss about my weight loss which makes me feel even better.  When twenty more pounds are gone I will reward myself with some nice new clothes.

4.  Continue to work on our marriage.  I think when you stop working on it is when it gets broken.  When our marriage began we had 2 children and they were part of the glue that made us a couple/family.  It has been a struggle to become a couple without having children to raise, but I know we will make it.  We both come with a lot of baggage (Really Lots) but we acknowledge that about each other and accept that our baggage is part of who we are.

5.  Become more independent and self-reliant.  I know I rely a lot on other people for everything from entertainment, companionship, advice, even transportation.  Not a horrible thing.  And I know I have many wonderful friends and family who would give me the shirt off their backs as the saying goes.  But I know I need to become self-reliant and making excuses not to do things because I don't have someone to help me/support me/hold my hand is just wrong.  I used to be very independent and enjoyed time spent alone.  I need to get back to being that person.  I actually have made a start at becoming more self-reliant, having taken the bus to run all my errands a couple of times lately.  Probably doesn't seem like such a big deal but I was really nervous about it. 

6.  365 days of photos.  I have gotten out of the habit of taking photos.  Probably because I am so far behind in scrapbooking them.  But I missed out on some great photo ops recently because I either didn't have my camera with me or I was just out of the habit of using it.  That stops now. 

7.  Get caught up on my dreaded to do list.  I know lots of you think my list is funny, and it really is, but it works for me.  It keeps me motivated, especially if the chores is something I really don't want to do.  I can't cross it off my list and move forward on my calendar until I get that dreaded chore done.

8.  Read more.  I basically stopped reading for years which is so far from the gal who would read the Corn Flakes box if I couldn't find anything else to read.  I am spending a lot of time at the library picking books that I never have read and I'm sure I really should.  Right now I am reading For Whom The Bell Tolls . . . a classic and yet I've never read it before.  So much great writing I've been missing.  And hopefully it will stir up my creativity and keep my brain sharp too.

9.  Blog every day.  Hopefully this will help me keep in the writing habit even on days when I am not writing.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

10.    Have fun.  Get out and explore.  Or as our license plate holder says "Get a clue . . . go letterboxing" . . . LOL . . .

I want to wish all my friends and family a Very Happy New Year.  Now get out there and enjoy it.


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