Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Insomnia, Men of a Certain Age, My Rogue's Gallery . . .

I hate insomnia.  It doesn't happen to me too often, but when it does it seems to take 3 days to recuperate.  Because I was so tired I didn't accomplish much yesterday . . . including the first time I slipped and didn't post to this blog.  At 11:58 last night I did remember to take a photo.   Hal and I spent yesterday going through old family photos and identifying the people and locations.  And then the rest of the day was spent cathching up on some episodes of Men of a Certain Age.  Love it.  It's by Ray Romano.

We had to set the alarm this morning . . . grrrrrr . . . I think you all know how I feel about that by now . . . LOL . . .

And Hal went back on duty this morning so he will be "on the road again" by midnight . . . we had a really good time the past few days off.  Nothing too exciting happened but sometimes that is a good thing. 

We are picking the boys up for supper and a little grandpa time because they really miss Hal when he's on the road.  We had Cameron for a few days.  We had Taylor for an afternoon.  This will be the only time to get all three boys and Grandpa together.  I know Hal is looking forward to it.

My Rogue's Gallery

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