Monday, January 3, 2011

Customer Service and a Smiling Face . . .

I have been running errands since I woke up this morning.  Some have gone quite well but quite a few ended in frustration and created my bad mood this evening.  Hopefully blogging about my day will cheer me up, reminding me that most of my adventures were actually very good with just a few spoil sports trying to ruin things.

NOT SO GREAT!  First stop was to BFM for their beginning of the month sale.  I couldn't find anything I really wanted which surprised me because I was really interested in shopping.  I kept my eyes open for my Mom who had planned to join me but she didn't.  When I talked to her later she told me she couldn't find a parking space so she had to go home.

MADE ME VERY HAPPY!  I had to return a book to the book store at the Elgin Mall.  I was sure I was going to be disappointed there.  We had purchased a book for our middle grandson and it turned out he already had the book.  Of course I can't find the receipt anywhere.  So I walked into the book store expecting to be laughed right back out.  But the sales clerk was very friendly and helpful.  She couldn't give me my money back without a receipt which was okay with me because what I wanted was a gift card to give to Taylor so he could pick another book.  What a lovely surprise!

A LITTLE PROBLEM AND A QUICK FIX!  Next stop was Rogers Video to pay my cable bill.  I tried using my debit card at the kiosk . . . twice . . . and then went over to the counter for some assistance.  No problem.  Bill paid so I'm online for another month.  I hope they get the kiosk fixed because it is very convenient but at least there were options so I didn't have to make a return trip.  Thanks Rogers staff.

AMAZING SERVICE!  I promised myself as soon as I finished all the WIPs in my closet (for non-crafters . . . WIPs are Works in Progress also commonly known as UFOs . . . Unfinished Objects) I was going to knit or crochet something for myself.  All that is left is a few rows of a tablecloth so I decided to go into Little Red Mitten to select some yarn for a sweater I've been wanting to crochet.  I didn't want to use cheap stuff.  I wanted something nice and soft and fluffy.  And this fab little store has lots of what I was looking for . . . and the staff are amazing and clever and know their product.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and I walked out with some very pretty, very soft yarn.  Definitely one of the highlights of my day.

WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?  Next stop was to my insurance agent for information on life insurance and cross border insurance.  I didn't learn much . . . since they weren't open!!!!!

At this point I went home for a very late breakfast/early lunch and to regroup.

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT BRACES.  In the afternoon I had to pick up my oldest grandson and take him to the orthodontist.  He was supposed to be waiting for me in the office but someone forgot to give him a note to be released from class.  Someone from the office went and tracked him down for me and we still managed to make it to his appointment in time.  While we were in the waiting room, I decided to open my mail.  How was I supposed to know there was lovely glittery stars all inside the envelope?  When I pulled out the Christmas card from a pen friend in France, it all came fluttering out.  I apologized for the mess, but really, who can get mad at pretty glittery stars all over the place?  Turns out that Austin was there to get his braces off.  He was pretty happy about this and (as per one of my 2011 goals) I just happened to have my camera in my purse.
Off we went, leaving lots of sparkly things behind . . . stars and braces. 

I had also received some McDonald's coupons in the mail and Austin assured me that he was quite starving and could really use some sustenance . . . what's a Grandma to do?

A LOST OPPORTUNITY.  On the drive down Talbot Street I spotted the new Used Book Store which I kept planning to check out.  And there was a parking spot close by.  So we stopped.  Austin loves books too.  It was a clean, organized little store and the owner was very friendly.  I found a few books I would have enjoyed purchasing until I saw the sign that there was no debit machine.  I had no cash.  I get it that he is a new store and that getting a debit machine is a pricey proposition but it also meant that we left the store empty handed.  I will be back again wish cash in wallet, but I'm just not sure when.

IT'S NOT OFTEN I CAN SAY MCDONALDS AND GOOD SERVICE IN THE SAME SENTENCE.  But I can today.  We used a 2 for coupon and ordered through the drive through.  Straight to the window where the gentleman was chatty and friendly and gave us back our coupon to use another time.  And our food was ready and correct when I reached the pick up window.  What do you know?!

ANOTHER LOCKED DOOR.  I needed to get a manuscript printed off but when I went to Waite's Printing they were closed.  That was my second try at their establishment in the past couple of weeks.  Maybe the third time will be the charm. 

I dropped Austin off at school and continued on my merry way.

REALLY HATE CAR DEALERSHIPS.  We bought a 2005 van at the Chrysler dealership on Wellington Street 1-1/2 years ago.  We were told that the vehicle had had a complete tune up.  We now know differently from that but what can you do?  Also we still don't have a cup holder tray for the back seat.  I don't imagine we are ever going to see that.  Today I went in because one of our keys wasn't working well.  We figured it just needed a new battery but I didn't know where to get one so go to the source, right??  The nice gentleman in the front room said it wouldn't be expensive at all and steered me to the parts counter.  The lady at the counter offered to test the battery.  She assured me that the battery was giving off a strong signal so the problem must be with the van.  Let me just add here that the other key and the car starter work fine.  She wanted to book me in to have a look at it.  I asked if it was going to be expensive.  She didn't know, but would check to see if there was any warranty left.  No warranty left of course.  Welcome to my world.  So I assured her we would just have to manually open the doors.  I have a long and disturbing relationship with car dealerships.  They all seem to hate me.  Well the feeling is mutual.

GUESS WHAT KIND OF MOOD I WAS IN WHEN I GOT TO CAA.  Next stop was to get a CAA membership and find out about benefit packages and cross border insurance.  The gentleman who assisted me was quite lovely.  But the price has gone up!  Paid for the membership, grabbed all the free goodies including the car blanket and maps, and grabbed the information about the insurances I was researching.  So not too bad a visit except when I took a moment to think about my dwindling bank account.

OKAY THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG IN THIS STORE LATETLY.  Next stop was Shoppers Drug Mart on Edward Street to pick up mascara and some prescriptions.  I was reading the labels on my favourite brand of makeup to find my favourite mascara when a clerk and customer walked up beside me and then pushed in front of me to check a price.  Believe it or not, I was speechless.  Seriously . . . you couldn't wait or at least excuse yourself first???????  This is not he first time I've been treated poorly in this store in the past couple of weeks and I just don't get it.  They usually give such excellent service.  I was really pissed off by this behaviour.

Home again to grab the empty water jugs.  Next stop Simply Pure Water.  I'm spoiled and prefer distilled water to drink and make coffee and tea.

ANOTHER CLOSED DOOR.  I love going to Simply Pure Water.  They are always so helpful and friendly.  But they are open until 5:30 pm . . . I don't know why they were closed when I got there just after 5 . . . sigh . . . so we have to take it easy on the water use as we are nearly out.

WE NEED AN EXTRA CASHIER.  I needed to pick up something for my sicky friend so I popped in to Giant Tiger.  Boy oh boy they were busy this evening.  I figured I was going to be in the line up for a while, but miraculously another till was opened and I was out of there in no time at all.  That's what you like to see happen.

I dropped the care package off and then headed to another friend's to pick up Hal.  They had been drywalling all day and Hal was wiped out.  Well by this time I was also wiped out and in a kind of crabby mood. We decided to grab supper at King's Buffet and then call it a night.

ONE OF THE SERVERS NEEDED A TIME OUT.  Lovely friendly greeting.  Our server was a lovely young man.  The buffet was in pretty decent shape but not quite as many veg dishes as Christmas . . . still good though.  As we are eating though we got to listen to the bitching of one of the servers.  I don't know what had happened to mess with her mood, but I know I didn't appreciate paying good money for my meal and getting her bitching as the floor show.  Seriously, couldn't someone put her into a time out . . . Fortunately I had a glass of red wine which dimmed her voice fairly quickly.  Just before we were preparing to leave a couple was seated near us and the wife must have been the bitchy server's sister.  Well, they were acting alike.  And the look of suffering on the hubby's face suggested that this was pretty normal behaviour from his wife.  I looked at Hal and said "let's get out of here while the getting is good" . . . LOL . . .

We are now comfy in our jammies, watching tv and planning errands for tomorrow . . .you guessed it . . . all the errands I wasn't able to do today.

And guess what?  I hope you don't mind that I dumped all my high and low points on you but I'm feeling much better now.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,