Saturday, January 29, 2011

Broken Knees and Basketball . . .

I had so much trouble falling asleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about everything I wanted to accomplish while Hal is on the road.  So I had a nice early start . . . okay 10 am . . . early in my world.

When I am in a purging and scrubbing mood I always pick a corner to start from and work my way out.  I chose the entry hall.  It is a tiny space unless you include the huge hall closet and linen closet.  So I started in the big closet and just pulled EVERYTHING out. 

I got down on my knees with a scrub brush and scrubbed the closet floor.  What a mistake!  About halfway through this little job I was shaking because my knees hurt so bad . . . seriously I'm not THAT old yet am I????  But I did manage to finish.

All the Christmas decorations are now together in one tote. All my craft supplies have been relocated to the walk-in closet in the bedroom and my picnic supplies and coolers are now in the front hall closet . . . and I now have room to put the shoe rack, boot tray and all our jackets and coats in the entry hall closet . . . imagine that!!!!! And I found some really cool old coins I'd forgotten I had in my engagement ring box (which also contained an old love letter from Hal).

So I moved on to cleaning out the linen closet . . . that was another chore.  Didn't find any exciting treasures in there though . . . just a strangely large amoung of household ammonia and suncreen.

In the morning (hopefully) Greg and the boys are going to come over and finish scrubbing the entry hall floor for me so I can finish putting this little room back together.

My brother-in-law, Jay, is coming to touch-up the drywall where a shelf used to be.  I'm hoping to get some paint from the superintendant to touch up the repairs.

And then one little room will be done!!

I went to watch an exhibition game between London Lynx (the team Greg coaches and Austin plays on) and St. Thoms Shock.  London won.

Good night,