Sunday, December 1, 2019

Book Review ~ Full Disclosure . . . Part 1

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The very first book we chose to read in our newly formed book club was Full Disclosure by Beverley McLachlin.  We chose to use the Book Club Kits available at our local library.  Sadly, it was not available at the time so I had to order in our second choice from the St. Thomas Public Library.  

I kept watch and one day found it was back in the library and available so I ordered it.

The day of our next book club meeting I ran into the library, picked up our club kit, attended the local writers guild meeting, and then headed to the book club meeting.  We discussed The Breadwinner and then I collected that book.  I opened the Club Kit and realized I had the wrong book.  This is what I pulled out of the book bag.

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We decided that since we had all agreed to try many different types and genres of books, that we would read this book.  At our next meeting we had a very interesting discussion about the book.  Surprisingly a few people had nice things to say.  On the positive, it was suggested that, although we might not agree with Daniels decisions, she could be admired for owning those decisions.  On the other hand her self-praise, especially regarding her writing skills, were not so well enjoyed.  The biggest flaw was that she wrote with an assumption that the reader would know her back story.  Some of us have never bothered to follow her story at all.

So final decision . . . it isn't a horrible book.

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