Tuesday, July 25, 2017

St. Thomas ON: Legends Tavern

When I like a restaurant you will know it right away.  I am always very enthusiastic about good food and good service . . . probably because it is so rare.

I've been to Legends Tavern several times in the past few years but always because it was chosen by someone else.  To be fair, I have not tried everything on the menu . . . but . . . the things I have tried have been very underwhelming.

My third favourite drink in the world is a screwdriver.  I ordered one on an evening out with friends and I'm not sure what they did to the orange juice (powdered?  reconstituted?  watered down?) but it was truly awful.  The last time I ever ordered a drink in there.

Back in February I was talked into going to cheap burger day.  There was quite a crew of us.  The service was adequate but cheap burger day is apparently when they sell cheap burgers, not good burgers at a cheap price.  I'm going to shut up now because I hate saying bad about any business.  

I see they are often very busy and their patio redo is very nice.  Lots of people enjoy bar food and adult beverages and loud music and televisions with non-stop sports . . . so let's just say this is not a restaurant for me and leave it at that.  

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