Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Town Hall

It has a while since I've blogged about Places to Visit and I figured it was time to resurrect this feature.  Since it starts with the letter A and it is close to home, I chose Aylmer ON as my first Place to Visit.

Aylmer is a town of 7492 (2016 census) in SW Ontario.  I posted on Facebook for ideas of things I should see and do and received only a few suggestions, although those few were excellent.  I continued to explore the town online and my list grew quite large.  So for those who think there is nothing to see or do in Aylmer, over the next few days I am going to prove you wrong . . . LOL.

One of our stops today was to the Town Hall.  We didn't go inside.  Can we go inside?  What's in there?  Do I need to make an appointment?  I don't know so more research is required.  Or, of course, when I return for further visits I suppose I could just knock on the door and see if someone answers.

The Cenotaph is beautiful with red and white flowers and wrought iron benches.

Also on the Town Hall property you can find a Heritage Tree and a Settlement Stories Quilt Block.

Behind the Town Hall, I discovered a band shell in a pretty little park which also has a water feature.  I love water features.

Aylmer is definitely in the spirit to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

I have so much more to tell you about Aylmer just from this short visit and I have plans to return as many times as it takes to see everything worth seeing and doing everything worth doing in Aylmer Ontario.

Please, if you have any suggestions of places I should visit and write about, I would love to hear from you.

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