Saturday, July 15, 2017

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Sweet Music, Quilt Squares, and Further Exploration

As I mentioned in my first blog post about Aylmer, I was told there wasn't much to see and do there.  I think I've already proved the naysayers wrong with just one 2 hour trip there.

I have two small gems to share with you from our first adventure in Aylmer.  First is that there are several Settlement Stories Quilt Squares in the area.  We "accidentally" found two.  Now I have a map from the website so I'll be able to "on purpose" find more.

The second little gem I would like to share is Music.  As we were walking down the main street of Aylmer I could hear music . . . quiet, lovely music.  Absolutely charmed when we found the source -- speakers on the lampposts.

I searched through In My World and found even more posts I've made over the years about Aylmer:

The Founding of Aylmer marker

Aylmer Wildlife Management Area

Gay Lea Dairy Heritage Museum

Letterboxing near Aylmer

Aylmer Wildlife Management Area. . . again

Settlement Stories Quilt Trail

Aylmer Wildlife Management Area . . . yet again.  Do you get the feeling we really enjoy this place?

The Pie Pantry . . . I heard a rumour that this lovely place has closed.

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Town Hall

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Main Street Ontario Mural

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Spicer's Bakery and Spicer's Deli

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Mennonite Furniture Gallery

Aylmer, Ontario ~ Spare Moments Craft Supplies

If you have any recommendations for other places I should check out, I'd love to hear from you.

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