Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Last Foundling by Tom H. Mackenzie


What I was expecting and what I actually read turned out to be two separate things.  I was expecting a story of hardship, depth and courage.  What I read was a story that stayed right at the surface of things, there was no depth to it.  I understand that it is the story of a young lad in the foundling system but it is an adult with many years to come to grips with his own story that is doing the writing.  It is the difference between writing a letter to a pen pal you've never met and writing a letter to your dearest friend that you haven't seen for months.

Having said that, the book is a good read.  The author has an excellent grasp of how to write.  If I were using a 5-star system I would probably give this a 3.  The writing is good, the story is lacking.

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