Thursday, September 15, 2016

From calm to chaos . . .

A friend mentioned that I hadn't been posting much to my blog of a personal nature lately and she is right.  I have a crazy family and when we are in chaos, as we have been recently, I post mostly book reviews and recipes and such.  During my calm periods I manage to get a little chattier.

At the Crossroads in Elmira

I have learned to really enjoy the calm periods because I know chaos is right around the corner.  Here is my Facebook status from last night . . . 

Good evening dear friends.
I actually made it to Ladies' Day Out today. Not for long unfortunately . . . just long enough to get in trouble with Connie, enjoy a tea and muffin and smile cookie, and catch up with everyone.
I took Nanna to her eye doctor appt. this afternoon and she couldn't understand why she didn't need new glasses and how did they know so much about her . . . LOL. You would think she would be happy not to have to fork out for new glasses and isn't it nice that the Dr. took the time to read her file . . . LOL. The ladies at the office put the subject of Nanna's 100th birthday party into her brain so all the way home, and for a while in the driveway, she started telling me what she wanted done for her party and that she needs to get together with Mom and Uncle Tom . . . although, you know, her kids are getting along in years and it might be too much for them . . . bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! That's right, the almost 100-year-old lady called my Mom and Uncle OLD!!!!
Next stop was to pick up some basketball paper and embellishments a friend had found for me. Thanks Stephanie.
I actually had just enough time to go home, check my mailbox, check in with Kate . . . and I was off again . . .
Picked up Cameron at school and Kate & Taylor at home. Dropped Kate & Cameron off at the dentist, Taylor dropped off at work, picked up my prescriptions AND made it back to the dentist to take Kate and Cameron Home. I stopped at Wendy's and picked up a salad, went home and crashed in front of the TV for a while. I finished the 8th (and apparently last) season of Weeds. That show just cracks me up.
Got a few tasks accomplished tonight. It is now time to hit the hay so I can get back to the salt mines in the morning. I love a bad cliche or two or three.
Tomorrow is a pyjama day. Good night dear friends.

Well . . . that pyjama day didn't happen today . . . but I'll post more on that later.

Just wanted to let everyone know I had not forgotten to post. Some days there is just too much to say or not much at all . . . chaos vs calm.

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