Sunday, September 18, 2016

All about dogs, Rail City Bistro, and Ned Durango

Good evening dear friends.

Well I certainly didn't break any land speed records today and yet things still got done. Took Becky Thatcher (the cat) and my niece, Jana, to Beavercreek Vets. Got to meet some beautiful big dogs while I waited in the waiting room. Now I'm not much of an animal person and for some reason that seems to be known by all dogs who proceed to attempt to earn my friendship.

This afternoon was spent working my list and continuing to binge-watch Chicago Fire. Hal finally made it home very late this afternoon. I talked him into taking a shower and putting on civilian clothes (as opposed to trucker clothes) so he could take me out for supper.

We went to Rail City Bistro AGAIN. You must be getting tired of hearing me go on and on about this little gem but it is a great place for a great meal. We have been totally spoiled and cannot accept the mediocre food served at other local restaurants. You know Hal. Hal doesn't like anything . . . especially if it is "different". Since Rail City opened he has tried and enjoyed so many different cuisines.

Tonight I was sure he was going to order from the menu and ignore the Friday-Saturday specials. He surprised me and ordered the perogies and tomato bisque. Hal does not like perogies . . . until today that is. He cleaned his plate so he got dessert . . . the special warm vanilla pudding (I can't remember the name but it is delicious). I had the cabbage rolls and a death-by-chocolate brownie for dessert.

Timothy called in a take out order of perogies, tomato bisque and pudding which we dropped off to him at work on our way home. Oooooops, I don't think I was supposed to say anything . . . bwahahahahahahaha!

You didn't make it out for their Friday-Saturday special? Sorry for your luck. Thank goodness they have so many lovely options on their regular menu. Try the tomato bisque for sure.

Tonight has been spent relaxing and binge-watching NCIS. Tomorrow is going to be busy for both of us. I'm grocery shopping with Nanna and Hal is going out for breakfast, running errands, and doing the body work on Snow. Busy. Busy. Busy.

Do you have tickets for Ned Durango at the Princess Ave. Playhouse yet?

Good night dear friends.

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