Sunday, August 21, 2016

The best part of a family reunion is the pot luck . . . LOL

Good evening dear family and friends.

Today was the Hewson Family Reunion.  When I woke up at ugly o'clock this morning I had absolutely no idea how many people would be coming . . . well I knew, Hal & I would be there, and Tim & Krystel, and Jana . . . okay so I kinda knew it was going to be okay.

The first big surprise of the morning was when Uncle Martin and Aunt Joan pulled in from Parry Sound.  That is some long drive for lunch . . . LOL.  So happy to see them.  And then more began to arrive.  It is always satisfying to see people who take the time and make the effort to reconnect each year.  All my kids and grandkids were there.  Only a few in my extended family were missing because of work or long distance.  And they were missed.  So awesome to see everyone!

One of the most adorable moments of the day was when little Anna (my 2nd cousin 2x removed) was so very sad because she couldn't find her new best friend and cousin (my great-nephew Aiden).  Once she found him she was happy again.

I know a lot of people may wonder why I put so much importance in family reunions.  I have learned over the years just how important family is.  Sadly, large families such as ours often become disconnected due to distances, history, a disagreement or sometimes just apathy.  I think in our new smaller world we should take a step back towards each other and forget whatever created the distance.  We will all be richer for it.  I truly believe that.  And it is so much easier to reconnect and stay connected these days.  We have the internet and improved transportation to thank for that.

To all the aunts, uncles and cousins who joined us today and those who wish they could have . . . Thank you.  You make me a better person and truly have a positive impact in my world, and even if it is only for a few hours once a year, I hope I've made an impact in your world too.  

Oh yeah, before I forget . . . cousin Paul, you did a great job passing the hat this year.  Enough to pay for the pavilion this year and next!!!

Good night dear family and friends.

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