Saturday, August 6, 2016

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

1-2/3 cups strawberries
1/2 cup strawberry jam
1 cup whipping cream 35%

Prepare the mold (I used a loaf pan) by lining it with aluminum foil. Let some foil protrude over the edge to help unmold the ice cream «block» when ready.

Hull the strawberries, halve them lengthwise, then put them in a blender.  Add the strawberry jam and mix at maximum speed until a smooth consistency is obtained. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and set aside.  

In another bowl, using an electric mixer, whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Add the whipped cream to the large bowl and fold it into the strawberry mixture using a spatula.  

Pour the cream-strawberry mixture into the prepared mould. Wrap it with aluminum foil and freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight.

About 20-30 min before you are ready to serve, unmold the whole ice cream onto a plate and let it sit for a while at room temperature to allow the ice cream to be softer and tastier when serving. Alternatively, cut out the slices and put them onto individual plates. Return any unused part back into the freezer and let the individual slices sit in the refrigerator for a while (not at room temperature since they will melt faster than the whole block). If desired, you may garnish the ice cream with a few berries.

Makes 10 servings

This very simple dessert was definitely enjoyed.  I added some fresh sugared strawberries and chocolate sprinkles to each serving.

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