Saturday, August 20, 2016

So today really is Saturday, right?

Good evening dear friends.

It sure got quiet on the world wide web in Canada tonight.  I wonder why . . . LOL.  

It has been a busy day mostly because we are preparing for tomorrow's Hewson Family Reunion and getting Hal packed for work since he has to leave right after lunch.  

But first we went to . . . guess where? . . . you are correct . . . Rail City Bistro for lunch.  Fabulous as always.  The tomato soup is the best I have ever tasted and I have eaten some pretty great baklava in my life but the slice I had today was past amazing.  I even saw Tim's eyes roll up into the back of his head with the joy.  I can't wait to see what the special is next week.

After our leisurely lunch, Hal and I headed out grocery shopping.  I should know better than to take Hal shopping, especially since his back is bothering him.  So I forgot a bunch of necessary stuff and had to go back out tonight.

I've made a mac & tuna salad and a perogy salad as our contribution to our family pot luck.  If I do say so myself they are both pretty darn delicious.  

I'm setting the alarm and heading to bed.  I want to be ready early enough so I don't feel rushed.  I'm thrilled with all the help I have for set up in the morning.  And on the off chance that we do get a little rain I have packed some fun things to do in the pavillion.  And of course, there is the splash pad and who cares about the rain then . . . 

Good night dear friends.

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