Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday has been a quiet day

Good evening dear friends.

So two very busy updates today . . . but now it is Monday and I've had my nose to the grindstone all day.  In My World it is now December 22 since I've managed to knock 2 days off My Dreaded To Do List.  That is the equivalent of 34 tasks completed.

The biggest chore today was sending out reminders to all my Hewson cousins to remind them about the family reunion on Sunday.  I sure hope we have a good turn out.  I don't mind doing the work when it goes well.

On the subject of the family reunion, in regards to the pot luck lunch . . . Nanna says she is only going to do some baking so if you want Green Glop or sandwiches you will have to make them . . . LOL.

Have you seen the new challenge floating around Facebook the past couple of days?  I decided to answer the questions.

Challenge accepted
Tattoos - none
Piercings - 2
Marriages - 2
Divorces -1
Been engaged - 2
Gotten a ticket - no but I've been pulled over a couple of times
Been arrested - no
Been to jail - just to visit
Been in a fist fight - once or twice or so . . . a LONG time ago
Want to Donate your Organs - yes
Shot a gun - no
Surgery - 6
Dance on a table - never, at least not that I remember
Been In a wreck - I assume a fender bender doesn't count as a wreck . . . so no
Jumped in Freezing water - does sticking my feet in count?

Played sports for fun - when I was a kid
Driven more than 5 hours - no, 2 hours seems to be my limit
Just hold your finger on it, hit copy and paste to your wall - you can change the answers!  If you don't want to copy, paste, answer or share I don't care.

Well that is all the excitement for today.  Good night dear friends.

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