Monday, August 15, 2016

In My World . . .

It has become my habit over the past couple of years to post a nightly status on Facebook chronicling the highs and lows of my day.  Turns out some people seem to really like my posts.  I've even been hugged in grocery stores by people I barely know.  (See this blog post and this one to understand why this is such a big deal to me).  My Mom called this morning to make sure I was all right as I had only posted a few words last night because I was so tired . . . LOL.  I know of a few people who wait for my nightly post before going to bed.  This both compliments and mystifies me.

Anyway, many times I have wanted to add links or photos to my posts so I have decided to switch my nightly post to my blog.  So . . . some nights you will hear a lot from me and on the more routine, hum drum sort of days you may only hear a little.

This past weekend requires a lot . . .

Since I already shared my Saturday with all my Facebook friends, I'll just post my status here.

"Good evening dear friends. I am very sleepy but I thought I should pop in and say hello.
It has been a busy day. Nanna and I went grocery shopping today and got most of it done before the rain started. We are planning on a Freshco run tomorrow (which is now officially today).
This afternoon we attended a surprise birthday party for our friend Jen. The food looked delicious but I was saving my appetite for our final engagement of the day.
Hal and I attended the grand opening of the Rail City Bistro. The Walpole family and friends are all very talented and funny. The food was spectacular. I took lots of photos but I won't be posting them until tomorrow. If you haven't been to this restaurant yet, my only question is why not?
Now I need to sleep so I am ready for more shopping with Nanna in the morning. Good night dear friends."

The first thing I would like to share is some photos taken at a fabulous little restaurant that is new to town, Rail City Bistro. It is located right beside the L&PS Station/Tourist Bureau on the corner of Talbot and St. Catharines Streets. I posted a review of the bistro after my first TWO visits.

Hal and I attended the Grand Opening of the Rail City Bistro Saturday night as an early celebration of our 33rd wedding anniversary. (Actual date is the 25th but Hal will be on the road.) I am so glad we went. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos but they were taken with a tablet. Here are some photos I took of the food . . .

I ordered the almond-encrusted salmon which is a menu item.  It was delicious.  For dessert I enjoyed the New York style cherry cheesecake and it was perfect.

Hal really enjoyed the Chicken Beurre Blanc and had the chocolate cake for dessert.  Sorry I wasn't able to get a photo before he started eating his cake.  I just wasn't fast enough.

A young lady who sat at our table enjoyed the tomato and chickpea curry.  It certainly looked good.
And here are some event photos.  Same problem, taken with a tablet.  From now on I bring my camera.

The gentleman in the centre is Chef Jared Walpole.  Singing to his right is Aaron Walpole.  And on the left, Shawn Buck.  They really kept us entertained with their music and banter.

This is our hostess, Lindsay.  I certainly had a hard time getting a photo of her standing still . . . LOL.

Stay tuned.  I will be posting about my Sunday adventures later today.

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