Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy 25th, Deb & John!!

Good evening dear friends.

It has been a hot, busy, fun day. It started out at Holy Angels church where dear friends Debbie & John began the celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary with mass. I took photos and tried not to do anything stupid . . . which is hard since I had no idea when to stand up and when to sit down.

Krista and her adorable daughter invited me out for lunch at Rail City Bistro and it was awesome as usual. We are really looking forward to tucking into some Australian grub this weekend there.

I was home less than an hour, edited 80+ photos and posted them to FB . . . and it was time to head up to the Roadhouse for the reception. I took lots more photos and had a nice time visiting with everyone.

Home again, into my jammies and edited 60+ more photos before loading them to FB.

I am tired but very satisfied with my day. Tomorrow is going to be extremely busy since I have ignored my Dreaded To Do List for 2 days . . . and I am having lunch at Asuka . . . yay!!!!!

I'm hoping to talk Timothy into taking my car around for a couple of estimates to repair the damage because even in this day and time I have found that women tend to get ripped off by mechanics. I don't really believe they are all like that . . . but it has been tried on me a time or three or four over the years. Please, Timmy?

I'm about to find a good book (because the one I have been reading needs to not be read) and calling it a night. Good night dear friends.

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