Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A rainy shopping kind of day . . .

Good evening dear friends.

I think the title of this post tells it all.  I spent half the day out shopping with Nanna again.  I nearly called our trip off because the northside of town was getting some pretty heavy rain and wind.  But I braved the weather and as soon as I crossed Talbot St. it was just spitting.

We started out at the Salvation Army thrift store looking for a twin mattress and bedside table for my oldest grandson (Nanna's great great grandson)'s dorm room.  $299 for a new twin mattress.  They looked really nice BUT that is a little steeper than we wanted to pay.  

Next stop was to TSC for udder cream.  Nanna swears by it for her legs and who am I to doubt her word?

Off again to Walmart.  We picked up silverware, a couple of really nice bath sheets (black . . . because you know he isn't going to sort whites from colours . . . LOL).  And we bought a mattress.  Now this is a very exciting special mattress.  We actually have them in our apartment and they've lasted for years.  The packaging is what makes them really special.  After they roll up and wrap the mattress in plastic at the factory they must suck out all the air because the mattress fits into a box the width of the twin in height and about 10" x 10" across.  The box even has two wheels on the bottom and a handle on top to make it easy to transport.  It seems impossible that the box can hold a twin mattress . . . but it does.  My greatest fear is that one of the "boys" is going to get curious and open the box.  Once the mattress is out of the box it will not go back in.  And in the box is going to be the easiest space-saving way to get it to the dorm.  They've been warned.

We dropped our purchases off and then headed to Nanna's hairdresser.  While she was under the dryer I got my hair trimmed as well.  

And the sun came out!

I've just been hanging around the house working on a few chores and watching the Olympics.  Hal just called and he is on the way home.

Good night dear friends.

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