Monday, December 9, 2019

Journal Prompt 9 Dec 2019 ~ Holiday Season

Today's Writing Prompt: Holiday Season

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How are holiday preparations coming along at your house?

I just this week realized how little time there is left between now and Christmas. Holy cow! Are you ready for the annual hustle and bustle of the season, or did it kind of sneak up on you, too?

A few years ago my friends and I discovered the Christmas Countdown.   Let me just say that this program is absolutely genius.  True story, about a week before Christmas we were starting to panic because we were all sitting back and relaxing which couldn't be possible the week before Christmas!!!  Why weren't we running around like crazy people?  And then we realized . . . the Countdown works.  

Since then our friend Deb has Canadianized the Christmas Countdown and I follow it every year.

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