Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Today's Writing Prompt: Memories

Was there ever a moment in your life when you thought, "I must remember this exact moment, forever." What struck you about that specific moment? What details can you still remember?

I am so lucky to have many moments in my life that I would like to remember forever.  I've noticed a lot lately that early memories long forgotten seem to be coming back and yet I have trouble remembering what I had for lunch two days ago.  Thank goodness I am a photographer and scrapbooker and journaler.  I have concrete ways to remember those moments . . . 

the first time I held each of my children and grandchildren and felt my heart grow larger each time . . . kind of like the Grinch I suppose . . . LOL 

When Hal and I were married (the first time) and it was simple and exciting at the same time.

When Hal and I renewed our vows it was a special moment . . . a reminder of why we were together in the first place and a chance to celebrate our amazing family . . . 

So many memories . . . and even if my memory fails I will have my photos and scrapbooks and journals to keep them alive.

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