Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Acceptable Addictions


Today's Writing Prompt: Acceptable Addictions

There are many addictions, such as drug addiction, that are judged harshly in our society. Are there any addictions that are considered acceptable or even healthy?

I think an addiction to a healthy lifestyle or hiking or learning . . . things like that . . . could be considered acceptable or even healthy.  I'm not sure what to say about my crafting addiction.

Try this quiz to see if you are a scrapbooking addict?

Are You a Scrapbooking Addict?
Results:  Scrapbooking Addict

You're officially over the edge. You know just about all the paper-arts manufacturers, and probably visit their blogs and websites to see pictures of their new releases months before products ship to your local scrapbooking store. You most likely have a scrapbooking room (or dream about it) that's maximized for efficiency and creativity. Your tool collection is so impressive that your husband often sneaks a peek when he's working on home repairs. You've spent a small fortune over the years on scrapbooking supplies, but hope that realizing your dream of teaching and designing will one day offset expenses.