Wednesday, May 27, 2015

African Lion Safari, Hamilton ON

Last Father's Day, I purchased tickets for all the available children and grandchildren to spend the day at African Lion Safari.  We got a fabulous rate which included a bbq lunch because it was Western Alumni Day.

The only other time I was here was as a child and I remember very little except a baboon pooping on the white car in front of us.  I must have been very shocked or amused to retain this particular memory.

I think the thing I love most about this place is that, while some animals are in enclosures, most are roaming free and it is we humans who are enclosed on trains, buses and boats to see these beautiful animals.

I actually wanted to go again this year because we were not able to see absolutely everything on our visit . . . and Western Alumni was offering the deal again this year . . . but this years Father's Day "theme" is going to be old cars . . . sigh.

This was Hal's favourite part of the day . . . he had always wanted to ride on an elephant . . . Look at the big smile on his face.