Sunday, March 22, 2015

May Day


Today's Writing Prompt: May Day

Tomorrow is May 1st. Is there an area in your life that has you calling, "May Day?"

I can't wait for May to arrive.  I love spring.  I'm so ready to hit the trails for some serious letterboxing and a chance to try out my new handheld gps.  I can't wait to start my little vegetable garden back up again.  It won't be long until fresh local produce will appear.

As I am dreaming of all this, there is still mounds of dirty snow outside and it is still cold . . . just not the horrible bitter cold we've had most of this past winter.

As far as the second use of May Day, there are days I just want to chuck in the towel and hope someone else will just take care of me and do all my work.  Today is one of those days.  My back and my poor ol' eye were so sore last night that even with pain killers I could not sleep.  I would sure love someone to come and take over here so I could sit and watch TV and knit something.

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