Saturday, November 29, 2014

What's it like to be a snowman?

Today's Writing Prompt: Melting Away

This has been the worst winter ever. So, I'm engaging in some wishful thinking today!  You're a snowman and the weather has turned warm and sunny. Describe what it feels like to melt away, little by little.

Sometimes I don't want to write about the journaling prompt posted by The One-Minute Writer' blog. I write reality, not fiction. Frankly I have no idea what it would feel like to be a snowperson since my inner thermostat is broken and I am boiling hot all the time. You may think this is a nice thing especially in winter. But it really is not. People frown on you stripping down to your undergarments in the middle of the grocery store. People come in my house and comment on how cold it is. I have afghans on the backs of every chair and couch in my living room in answer to those comments. My husband runs around shutting windows and doors and making me insane because then I have to get up and open them again, which makes him insane. So really I have no concept of what a snowperson feels.

1916: Fire destroys Parliament Buildings

February 3, 1916 - Fire breaks out in the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings at 8: 50 pm during a debate; by midnight, the main tower is ablaze, yet the clock is still able to strike 12. The gothic Parliamentary Library is saved by a quick thinking clerk, who closes the iron doors. Seven people die in the blaze: Nova Scotia MP B. B. Law, caught in a telephone booth; Assistant Clerk J. B. LaPlante, who refused to slide down a rope to safety; Mme. Bray and Mme. Morin, guests of the Speaker's wife, Mme. Sevigny, who went back to fetch their furs and were overcome by smoke; Dominion policeman Alphonse Desjardins, who went back into the inferno after rescuing one MP - he and his nephew and Randolph Fanning were buried when a floor collapsed. The tragedy is widely blamed on German wartime saboteurs; 1, 200 soldiers are sent to guard Parliament Hill, and police arrest a 28 year old Belgian musician, but nothing is proven. Parliament moves to the Victoria Memorial Museum at the foot of Metcalfe Street, the Commons holding its sessions in the lecture hall, and the Senate, according to a report, is accommodated in the apartment set apart for fossils and extinct leviathans, which has not escaped the notice of certain humourists . The Centre Block is rebuilt in the Gothic revival style, and completed in 1920. Ottawa, Ontario