Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I am working on this week

Good morning.

This week I will be focusing on my Dreaded To Do List . . . surprise. I am caught up nearly to the end of October and really noticing that the house looks better and I'm starting to feel better. There is nothing more exciting than scratching chores off a list and seeing the progress.

I have solved the Christmas crowds because I make most of my Christmas presents. I am almost done making my friends' gifts and working madly at my family's gifts. My one shopping trip will be around midnight at WalMart and Real Canadian Superstore much closer to Christmas for food and a few small gifty things that I can't make. I was introduced to midnight shopping last year by my crazy friends and it sure is much simpler and less crowded.

My family can't get together until New Year's Day so I've postponed Christmas dinner until then. To keep myself from being sad Hal and I are hosting an Open House for Boxing Day (which is when we usually have Christmas). I'm going to put something in the crock pot and make lots of snacks. We thought we would set up all the tables with games and cards. We have lots of room so hopefully we will have lots of company. I personally love Euchre, Cranium and we haven't even opened our Canada Monopoly game yet. Of course just chatting over a cup of hot cider will be awesome too.

So, what are you working on this week?

See ya