Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Spring House and a couple of other great finds in Waterloo

November 11 was a beautiful day to get out and letterbox in Waterloo, ON.  Our first stop was for Ladies Play Golf Awesomely.  I got a little confused on the clues but that is quite natural for me.  That's why I take Hal along . . . oh yeah . . . and he is the driver too.  It was a great hide and we were so happy to find it.
Our next stop is probably one of my favourite finds to date . . . The Spring House.  Interesting and tricky and surprising all at once.  And I learned something.  I've never heard of a spring house before but now that I've seen one I have to say that they are scathingly brilliant!!  Without the clues for this letterbox, I would never have known this building even existed.

I can't believe I didn't take any photos when we were looking for Best Friends Forever - The Puppy and the Dragonfly.  Oh those clues were very tricky and Hal and I had many debates over my clue translations . . . LOL . . . and yet we found it anyway!!!

It was a great afternoon out.  I wish it didn't get dark so early.