Monday, December 31, 2012

My first real but artificial Christmas tree in years . . .

Living in a tiny apartment doesn't lend itself to lots of Christmas decorating so for a couple of years we did not have a tree.  My friend Deb was absolutely disgusted when she found this out and gave me a little decorated tabletop artificial tree.  That has served for two years.  But this year we are in our giant apartment and there is lots of room for a tree.  We dragged our grandsons out with us to find a tree just before Christmas but all the lots were closed for the night.  Next stop, Zellers.  We found a tree valued at over $100 and pre-lit on clearance for $39.  It's ours.  We had to buy ornaments since we had given ours all away years ago.  The boys helped us set up and decorate.

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