Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Windswept Cottage

Last Christmas my friend, Deb, and I came up with the scathingly brilliant idea to gift all our buddies with 3 days during March Break at Windswept Cottage in Port Lambton, ON.  Here now are some carefully edited photos although it was kind of hard to edit out the silliness of a group of grown women free for 3 whole days to eat, sleep and scrapbook as we pleased.

Each lady was responsible for one meal during our holiday . . . that's right . . . cooking and cleaning up after only ONE meal in three days!!!!

We had a late night ice cream sundae binge the first night and cheesecake  party the second night.

There was some drinking going on but no drunks . . . and yes we spent the 3 days in our pyjamas!

We had one medical emergency.  Deb had just been released from the hospital the day before our trip after major, major surgery.  The case was for a medical vacuum.  The nurse did not pack the power cord and we didn't know that until Deb went to plug it in to recharge.  Annie's hubby drove half way and met our "emergency crew" to drop off the cord.  The holiday was saved.

The weather was fabulous . . . warm and sunny.

Deb decided she wanted to stick her feet in the water so she slid down to the lower dock.

She wasn't sure how she was going to get back up but she wouldn't let us help her . . . or call 911 . . . 

She did it all by herself . . . while we all stood around laughing and taking photos.

Yes, we did wander the neighbourhood in our pyjamas.  Nobody there knew us.

Our second night Deb and Melissa had planned a turkey dinner.  With  Deb in a delicate condition, everyone stepped up to help so she could take it easy.  The table we set up for the food blocked the back door . . . if you were wondering what Charlene was doing on the floor.

There were some hijinks . . . like the snake hidden in Char's bed.

Yes, we did find time to scrapbook . . . a lot . . . 

The story behind this photo is way too long to fit in this caption.   But believe me, it is funny!

We all had a marvellous time . . . and we just booked the cottage again for October!!