Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WagJag is my friend . . .

You all know how I love to rant about bad customer service.  But . . . I prefer telling you about good service.

Doesn't it look awesome?  I can't wait.

So I saw on WagJag a half-price coupon for sailing on a tall ship.  That is definitely on my bucket list plus it is my birthday on the 28th.  What a perfect gift.  So I purchased 2 coupons for Hal and I and sent the link to both of my sons in case either of them wished to come along with their respective spouses.  Through the grapevine (older brother) I heard that my younger son was a little down so Hal and I decided to buy him and his girlfriend tickets too.  I gifted them to him.  Okay so that part of the transactions went quite well.

Fast forward to Monday (yesterday) when I started trying to print off our coupons . . . note the word trying.  Now if you know me even a little bit, you know I am electrically, mechanically and computerally challenged.  It's true.  I lost track of how many times I tried.  Then I moved to Hal's computer and tried a whole bunch more times.  Finally I gave up.  Today I tried again.  It was very trying.

I called customer service at WagJag and spoke to Josh.  What a patient man!!  He talked me through the process and nothing.  He hung in there with me while I tried a different web browser.  Nothing!  And then he had the scathingly brilliant idea for me to try another file on my computer that was a .pdf.  Guess what?  It wouldn't open.  Something was wrong with my Adobe Reader.  I let Josh off the hook so he could go help someone else, probably as challenged as I am at these things.  I downloaded a new Adobe reader and guess what?  It worked.  I printed off 2 coupons.

And then I was back in trouble.  I had gifted the tickets to my son and wasn't able to print them.  But I needed them in order to make the reservations.  I tried getting in touch with my son.  No luck.  So back on the phone with WagJag.  I pressed 2 when prompted and became Marie's problem.  She quickly understood my dilemma and with her magic computer Marie was able to transfer the coupons back to my account so I could print them.  Magic!

So WagJag . . . Josh and Marie both need a raise!  They have to deal with people like me or . . . gasp . . . even worse every day!!  Seriously.  Thank you Josh and Marie for having a great sense of humour, unlimited patience and great customer service.