Monday, July 30, 2012

Sometimes we just get in the van and drive . . .

When we were raising our own kids and we needed a day out we would pack some food and drive.  We never knew where we would end up and really we didn't care all that much.  We were out for adventure.

These days we like to do the same thing with our grandsons.  Sometimes trips are organized for letterboxing purposes but sometimes we just get in the van with a cooler full of drinks and snacks and set forth.  On May 21st we thought we would head toward Brantford to see the Bell Homestead.  Of course we took the scenic route.

I love this sign.

We stopped at the Courtland Bakery for a treat.

Not sure where we spotted these cuties . . . but we had to stop for a visit and photos.


I have photos of my sons in a tobacco leaf cut out board but its gone now.
Too bad.  That would have been funny to match the photo with one of my grandsons.

We stopped at a park somewhere.  I don't know where we were half the time . . . LOL.
Hal was hungry and picked up a couple of pizzas.  The Canada geese started to swarm us
and I got the brilliant idea to throw pizza crusts far far away from us.
Not really one of my best ideas.

Once we started feeding them we had to keep on feeding them.

One still managed to sneak up behind Hal looking for a full slice.
Hal just stared him down and refused to give up his pizza.
We never made it to Brantford but we sure had a good time trying!!!!!