Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Letterboxing

Hal and I headed out on a road trip on Canada Day.  We were following the Barn Quilt Trail through Oxford County.  You can learn more about our quilt square finds here.

Our first letterboxing find was This Chick's Gone Batty in Tillsonburg, ON.  An easy walk.  We checked out the water park while we were there and it looks like a lot of fun and it is very reasonably priced, especially on grandparents days -- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Don't tell the Little Blue Team . . . but we plan on taking them here this summer.  We also found a hitchhiker in the box.

Our next (and last find) was Heading for Home.  A great hide but we are concerned about the way the box is wired, leaving the box with no seal against bugs and moisture.  I'll be sharing that info with the planter this morning.

We really enjoyed our drive and were home in the a/c before it got too hot.