Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I received an email from Kobo the other day offering an 85% discount on The Hunger Games with discount code hungergamesdeal.  I'd been hearing so much about this book and movie and decided to check it out.  I was hoping to use the code to buy the trilogy but Kobo wouldn't let me.  I was able to purchase one of the books . . .

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I have a free Kobo reader on my laptop.  I also have a free Kindle and a free Adobe on my laptop.  I'm set for anything . . . LOL . . . 

So the download was seamless and I began reading . . . just a few chapters . . . and next thing I knew a couple of hours had passed.  I stopped reading to get some chores done.  But I kept coming back to the computer and reading a few more chapters.  At 11 last night I gave up pretending I didn't really want to read the book and settled in with a cup of tea.  At 2:30 this morning I could no longer see the screen but I was almost done.

I've been running around and doing chores most of the day but I brought my supper in to my office and finished off the book in very short order.

I think this book is very simply and clearly written, perfect for the teen audience this book is meant for.  And yet it remains mature enough to keep an adult's interest.  While the characters were not particularly easy to connect with, I was happy when I learned who the winners of the Hunger Games were.  And I have to say I was kind of impressed that the author didn't end with the perfect happy ending.  Well, of course, there are two more books.  Perhaps the happy ending is in one of them.  If I could get the promo code to work again I would order the other two.  Just sad, isn't it.

Now the big question is do I see the movie or not.  I'll let you know if I do